Friday, April 27, 2012

Down to the wire

May of last year as Bailey and I crossed the finish line of the Girls of the Run 5k I had this epiphany of sorts. I just ran a 30 minute 5k and I felt like I could have easily did it again and to top it off, I loved every minute of it, from the training time to the actually race. Now I know a 30 minute 5k isn't going to win any races but it's nothing to laugh at either. I think it was only a couple days before I had signed up for my 1st 10k, it was a little harder that I thought but I finished it and was ready for more. With nothing specific in mind I upped my weekly mileage to about 25 miles a week and managed to keep it between 25 and 30 weekly miles throughout the winter. Sometime in the middle of winter I decided to go for it, all out, 26.2! Grand Valley Marathon is on 05/12 and I had the base miles and I had a training plan! The 1st month of training was great, no problem! Then my work schedule changed and I was no longer to get in a good run in the morning and then the kids had stuff they needed and to top it off Brent was a lot grumpy about me spending so much time running. I missed a few long runs and almost decided that the marathon was not for me then about 3 weeks ago I had this really great 20 mile run that completed renewed my spirit and confidence. I was good to go! Then the dreaded IT band happened. About a week ago I was 9 miles into a 16 mile run when I started to feel a slight pulling sensation on the side of my knee, I made it to 10 miles and the side of my knee and around the back of it was now killing me. I was at a point that I could either take 1 turn and go for the goal or take a different one and cut the run short at 11 by the time I made it home, I chose the latter. That mile between 10 and 11 was much more a hobble than even a wog. I have sense been taking it really easy, ordered new shoes (I know I put it off longer that I should have) have done lots of yoga, foam rolling, cross training, basically whatever I could do to keep from running. I decided to try out a run yesterday as I have been completely pain free for 3 days and got a little over 1/2 mile and there it was again that slight pulling, taking no chances I turned around and walked home. Now I am at a crossroads, I have the 1 20 miler under my belt but have not really ran in the last 1 1/2 weeks and the marathon is only 2 weeks away. Did I work hard enough in my training to still be able to take on the 26.2, or should I give it up and go for it again in November for the Rim Rock marathon. Decisions....

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I started to set up this blog a few years ago, when I tried to log on it said I already had an account and had to figure out what the password for it was! Seems I have had it since 2009 and have not done anything with it since, hows that for procrastination. I could say I have just been too busy and that may be true but it was likely that I am a bit tech challenged and just didn't take the time to figure it out. Anyway this blog has not real concept, I plan on blogging about my kids, extended family, activities that I enjoy, and anything else I feel the urge to write about. Rest assured running will be on that list and probably often.